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About Acute Systems & Solutions

As a leading system integrator ACUTE build world-class IT solutions that fit the unique requirements of customers. Representing the most influential OEMs in the industry, ACUTE rides on the cutting edge of the technology wave. That is, we know technology, where it's been, and where it's going. The solutions we represent, implement, and support are designed to launch customers from their current state into a more mature it arena, setting them above competition. We strive to build quality solutions that bring efficiency, effectiveness, and return on investments.

ACUTE is not merely a consulting firm; we are a strong and independent IT compass that guides our customers to success. Be it a simple hardware sale, a complex enterprise solution, or a complete outsourcing model, our team of expert sales consultants, solution architects, engineers, project managers and technicians are dedicated to ensure that your unique project is completed on time and on budget.

Acute Systems & Solutions

We are a consumer driven and consumer satisfying organization. Our focus is on the quality and reliability of services provided to our clients. A major part of our development activities is devoted to continually improving our customer service process.

Our organization's solutions are tailor made to ensure that each client's needs are addressed and solution unique to their need, are coined. We look for explicit and in-depth knowledge of a customer's requirements on initial contact. We also research on ways of creating additional value in our services to the client; we recognize that with the passage of time, a client's needs may change.